[NEW] rom&nd Bare Water Cushion 5 Shades
[NEW] rom&nd Bare Water Cushion 5 Shades
[NEW] rom&nd Bare Water Cushion 5 Shades
[NEW] rom&nd Bare Water Cushion 5 Shades
[NEW] rom&nd Bare Water Cushion 5 Shades
[NEW] rom&nd Bare Water Cushion 5 Shades
[NEW] rom&nd Bare Water Cushion 5 Shades
[NEW] rom&nd Bare Water Cushion 5 Shades

[NEW] rom&nd Bare Water Cushion 5 Shades

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Why we love it
The Bare Water Cushion gives you moisturized, watery, and transparent skin.
It gives a fresh moisturizing glow without greasiness.
Its transparent water base makes it possible to have light and fresh skin.
Experience a clear, hydrating glow without greasiness.
Reviews prove the Bare Water Cushion's real moisturizing effect, saying that it is a moisturizing type that applies with a hydrating glow; one application gives healthy moisturized skin and two applications provide adequate coverage and firm skin; it is a moisturizing cushion that makes the skin subtly clear; and it is recommended for consumers who want a quick and easy moisturizing.
With a single application, the skin is hydrated comforted without feeling taut.
It can instantly replenish moisture as soon as it is applied, and the human clinical trial for moisturizing proved an 80% improvement effect immediately after application, proving the immediate moisturizing lasting effect.
This product moisturizes all day long without drying the inside, and testing judged it to be a product that helps to maintain moisturizing effect for 48 hours with a single use.
It helps skin become moisturized and comfortable without irritation all day long.
It adheres without stickiness and stays fresh throughout the day.
It provides fresh lasting power without greasiness on any skin type.
It is a product that has a clear and transparent base color system, which is unique to rom&nd.
With a transparent and clear formulation, the Bare Water Cushion is characterized by colors that subtly blend into skin.
It is recommended for neutral or dry skin types, the texture is a transparent glow type, and the finish is watery and refreshing, and it has SPF38 PA++++.
As a product of the Ve easy line, which means making Vegan easy, it is a new line that contains non-irritating plant-based ingredients and ROM&ND's vibrant colors so that anyone can easily choose vegan shades.
Featured ingredients
It contains 10 hyaluronic acid, peach blossom, aqua ceramide, and Adansonia Digitata extract, and it is made with 70% essence so that you can experience powerful moisture.
It is free of 13 ingredients suspected of being harmful to the skin, and it is mild and comfortable without irritating the skin as it applies a vegan prescription with no animal raw materials.
It is safe to use, as it uses upcycled raw materials by applying a meticulous prescription that considers not only the skin but also the environment.
The fine mesh net applies evenly and adheres to the skin without flaking.
How to use
Take an adequate amount of this product and spread it evenly on the skin.
Keep the container tightly closed, as the Bare Water Cushion is a watery formula and may dry out if stored in an open state.
The formulation may flow through the mesh net due to its characteristics if a vertical impact is applied, so keep the container flat as much as possible.
01 Porcelain 17 is a bright ivory with a drop of pink, is recommended for Nos. 13 to 21, and is perfect for people with light skin tones as it is a pink ivory that is completely devoid of yellow.
02 Pure 21 is a subtle pink ivory without no trace of yellow, is recommended for Nos. 19 to 23, and is a pretty pink ivory that is perfect for those who have used No. 21 in the past.
03 Natural 21 is a neutral ivory that is neither yellow nor red, is recommended for Nos. 21 to 23, and is a standard No. 21 ivory that is neither red or yellow that is recommended for No. 21 skin tones who want a subtle rather than lively look.
04 Beige 23 is a calm and subtle beige, is recommended for Nos. 22 to 25, and is a perfect color for those who thought the No. 21 on the market was too light.
05 Sand 25 is a healthy and warm neutral beige, is recommended for Nos. 23 and above, is a good color for those who want to create a healthy and warm skin tone, and its deep beige color makes it great for those who thought none of the colors were dark enough.

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